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Welcome to Christmas

About Section

Every season EXPRESSIVE DESIGN GROUP creates the highest quality, uniquely designed items for all your gift giving needs.
We supply everything except the gift.

Boxed Greeting Cards
Gift Bags & Gift Boxes
Gift Wrap
Bows & Ribbon
Food Gifting
Gift Tags
Tissue Paper 

Gift Card Holders

Woman filling out Christmas greeting cards on a wood table.

New Season. New Items!

Our Trademarks

"For All Occasion"
Not Just For Christmas Anymore

EXPRESSIVE DESIGN GROUP also offers a full line of merchandise for any occasion designed and created just for you

You want to celebrate. We have what you want to make it beautiful.

Kids celebrating with balloons, text reading Happy Celebrations.
Two mugs of coffee that say love on a sweater blanket for Love Celebrations like Valentines Day
Friends are sitting on a picnic blanket under a tree in the summer time and raising their glasses in cheers for Any Celebrations.
Christmas Bags from Expressive Design Group

New Items
Every Season

Every holiday season EXPRESSIVE DESIGN GROUP
let's you express how you want to give your gift, from traditional style to contemporary designs


We have the presentation you are looking for.

Christmas Cards from Expressive Design Group
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